Skating Analysis

In game skating analysis

Hockey skating technique – best NHL players

Analysing skating skills presented by top NHL players, provides us another point of view on how effectively can be specific skills used. Using outside edge and inside edge, center of mass trajectory, joints flexion and extension all these details influence skating quality. I constantly work on new video analysis clips to provide latest information to players and coaches as well. Young player can well understand skating technique if he or she can see specific situation in the game. How, where and when can be used specific skating elements.

Several skating drills I use, have been developed as direct answer to specific situation on ice. Players variability and creativity at skating is modern trend. Especially young players like Matt Barzal, Alexander Kerfoot, Aleksander Barkov, Taylor Hall, Max Domi, Nathan MacKinnon, Quinn and Jack Hughes or Shayne Gostisbehere are top skaters. Another top skater Connor McDavid is very variable, his advantages are mainly extreme acceleration unexpected start and his maximum speed.

I offer videoanalysis as  online service as well. The only thing I need is providing two clips preferably taken from forward and side. Second part of this services is online consultation, where I present you analyzed results, namely your strong and weak points. I provide you tips and hints how to fix skating errors and be better skater. Analysis is keystone for planing further development. If you are interested, please drop me an  email. In this video gallery you can find clips I have recently produced. Several clips can be found also on my YouTube channel.

Sample of skating analysis