Ice Hockey and Power Skating

Skating is key skill for every single hockey player at all age groups and performance levels. I have designed power skating structure tree and developed methodic which was named SkateSense. It combines my knowledges, trends and needs which are typical for today’s hockey.
I am not applying one template to all hockey players. Everybody has his own personality, level of skills, role at the team, and mindset as well, therefore every single player is unique and deserves specific inputs.

“Getting better isn’t a hack or trick or one change that you need to make. Getting better is a campaign.”

(Jocko Willink)

Small group of U14 players – sample of organized power skating clinic. Key points of this practice are start, acceleration and small area skating.

“We worked with Miloš and other experts on a project aimed for the development of skating for the Hockey Slovakia educational system. I appreciate his contribution, knowledge, and practical experience, which has become a benefit for hockey. He understands very well the biomechanics of skating as well as needs to streamline the tactical variants of the hockey game related to the performance of skating potential. Thank you Miloš for your cooperation and I keep my fingers crossed.”

(Dušan Benický)